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Physical Therapy Session


ABP-7 is typically found in both types of muscle in the human body – skeletal (the muscles that are required to move) and smooth (muscles such as those in the heart). When damage to tissue occurs, ABP-7 is upregulated. ABP-7 is released in the body to help people heal from trauma. In the process of healing from injury, ABP-7 also acts to reduce the amount of scar tissue and improve flexibility. It also has potent anti-inflammatory properties.

ABP-7 is a peptide that upregulates the cellular wound healing processes and downregulates cellular oxidation and inflammation. Oxidation and inflammation impair cellular repair and stem cell regeneration.


ABP-7 appears to be quite well tolerated. No adverse drug interaction has been observed. No side effects, other than some irritation or burning sensation at the site of injection, have been reported.


Based on the literature, ABP-7 has been shown to:

·    Encourages growth of new blood cells in tissue 

·    Increases endurance and strength 

·    Prevents the formation of adhesions and fibrous bands in muscles, tendons, and ligaments

·    Calms muscle spasm 

·    Improves muscle tone 

·    Encourages tissue repair 

·    Helps maintain flexibility 

·    Reduces inflammation of tissue and joints

  • Who can benefit from Peptide Therapy?
    Everyone is a candidate for Peptide Therapy. Peptides offered here at Optimized Health are from US-based, FDA-regulated compounding pharmacies which requires a prescription from a licensed medical provider.
  • How can I purchase Peptides On-line?
    Optimized Health provides a process which allows for purchasing Peptide Therapies online through our website. Head over to Order Now page to read more about the purchasing process and order your Peptides today.
  • How are Peptides administered?
    Most Peptide Therapies offered at Optimized Health are injectibles. Some may be available as capsules and taken orally. Injectibles can be administered with tiny insulin syringes available at many pharmacies including Walgreens, CVS, and Wal Mart. Peptides are administered 5 days per week and injected subcutaneously in the area around the belly button. Peptides are most effective when injected subcutaneously.
  • How long will I use Peptides?
    Peptide Therapy usually takes 3-6 months to gain full effects and the maximum benfits. Compounded Peptides are identical to our bodies naturally produced hormones. For this reason, Peptide Therapies can be used indefinately or once you have reached our desired result. Talk to Dr. Bartells about how long you should use the Peptides you have chosen.
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