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MK-677 Tablets (25 mg)

MK-677 Tablets (25 mg)

MK-677 (Ibutamoren) 25 mg tablets

Save $25 when shipping 2 month supply

Save $25 when shipping 3 month supply

(compared to placing monthly orders)

  • What's included:

    30 tablets = 1 month supply

    60 tablets = 2 month supply


  • Instructions for use:

    swallow 1 tablet at bedtime

  • Often paired with:

    MK-677 users commonly combine it with BPC-157

  • Recommendations:

    It is recommeneded to cylce the use of MK-677 and not use continuously. For example using for 2 months and then not using it for 2 months. Repeat as desired.

    It is not recommended to combine MK-677 with other peptides which boost your production and release of Growth Hormone, such as CJC/Ipamorelin or AOD 9604

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