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Why Optimized Health?

Optimized Health is an on-line extension of Dr. Bartels' medical practice, VitalityMDs.  Since 2002, Dr. Bartels has been building VitalityMDs into what has become the premiere hormone optimization and sexual health destination for men and women in Scottsdale, AZ.  He is passionate about helping improve the lives of his patients by optimizing hormones and recommending complimentary therapies such as pharmaceutical grade peptides, vitamins, and supplements. When you choose to order your health optimizing products through Optimized Health, you're guaranteed that Dr. Bartels will personally review your health history, symptoms you're suffering from, and goals you're striving to achieve to make sure the products are right for you. 

Rest assured, all peptides and supplements from Optimized Health are of the highest possible quality and purity. 

The peptides you receive from Optimized Health will be shipped from a US specialty pharmacy that Dr. Bartels has been using for many years. Furthermore, they guarantee the purity of their products. Do not be fooled by cheap versions of peptides being offered all over the internet. In most cases those peptides are not pure, have many side effects, may not be sterile, could be dangerous, or might not even be the peptide you ordered.